At Elynwood, “environment” is not just a buzzword. It is a core consideration in every aspect of our work and we incorporate awareness into every facet of our training and procedures. We consistently measure our performance in terms of environmental and social outcomes as well as economic factors as set out in The International Environmental Standard ISO14001: 2004.

Our Environmental Strategy has been developed as a framework that helps reduce our organisation’s impact on the environment and leave a better world for tomorrow. The three main focuses of our strategy incorporates best practices for sustainable water usage, biodegradable chemicals, and recycling.

Elynwood’s cleaning procedures minimise the need for chemicals through the use of proven materials such as microfibre cloths. Where the use of cleaning products is deemed necessary, our teams use only those which have been specifically formulated for use in our environment. In essence, this means that achieving total biodegradability has been a key priority in the development of all our cleaning products.

Unlike many other ‘green cleaning’ products on the market, Elynwood’s environmental cleaning products have been independently tested as whole products and are readily biodegradable according to Australian Standard AS4351. All products within our cleaning range are certified non-toxic and non-hazardous according to SafeWork Australia criteria.


It is the determined aim of Elynwood to exceed legal and regulatory requirements regarding environmental performance in all our operations. We strive to operate at the front line of best practice and to emulate the standards set by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA).

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