Elynwood’s specialist waste management team has helped a huge number of businesses to establish workable and efficient recycling systems. Our highly trained, dedicated waste management professionals can carry out a waste assessment to help you determine the amount and types of waste you generate and to map which parts of your organisation produce the majority of your organisation’s waste.


It is the determined aim of Elynwood to exceed legal and regulatory requirements regarding environmental performance in all our operations. We strive to operate at the front line of best practice and to emulate the standards set by the Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). In particular we seek to follow the leadership of the EPA in our focus on the following critical issues:

  • minimisation of water usage, fuel and energy consumption
  • implementation of extensive, innovative recycling systems
  • reduction of non-recyclable waste in all business divisions
  • application of sustainable purchasing principles.

EPA guidance on the handling of waste sets out the principle of “wastes hierarchy”, in which the available strategies for waste management are set out in order of priority and preference:

  • avoidance (strongly indicated)
  • reuse and recycling
  • treatment and disposal (clearly designated last resort)

Elynwood adopts every measure to ensure that we adhere to this hierarchy, particularly with regard to the generation and management of wastewater. This means in practice that we seek, through the use of cutting edge equipment and innovative procedures, to avoid the generation of wastewater wherever possible. We reuse grey water whenever practicable for cleaning processes such as high pressure washing and we apply a firm policy of minimal chemical use throughout our business.

A key factor to the success of your recycling systems will be the education and guidance you provide to your staff on which materials are appropriate to each waste stream. Elynwood’s waste management specialists can help you with the development of clear, impactful signage and other effective educational aids.

Recycling can be extremely successful not just within an office environment but also in the wider context of schools, retail complexes, industrial sites, loading docks, and warehouses. Our waste experts can give you guidance on identifying which materials are suitable for recycling and the logistics of collection systems across the extent of your facilities.

The use of specific bins for each respective waste removal stream is a practical starting point and we can provide these bins, clearly colour coded for easy identification. We will work with you to determine how often the collection of each type of waste will be necessary, creating an individually tailored, completely dependable service to exactly meet your needs and budget.

Elynwood offers a complete range of professional washroom services to ensure your washrooms are maintained to meticulous standards of sanitation and hygiene at all times. We recognise that the cleanliness and freshness of toilet and washroom facilities can have a major impact on the comfort and satisfaction of our clients’ employees, customers, students and residents, and we strive to provide a comprehensive, thorough and totally dependable service which will consistently exceed your expectations. Our fastidious cleaning crews ensure that these areas receive regular attention, following procedures that are specifically designed to completely eliminate washroom hygiene concerns.

In addition to our specialist cleaning services, Elynwood offers an economical range of high quality washroom equipment and consumables, including:

  • Soap and paper dispensers
  • Hand drying machines
  • Paper towels
  • Air fresheners
  • Hand soap
  • Toilet cleaning products

All our products are gentle and pleasant to use, highly effective in eradicating the spread of bacteria, fully biodegradable, and certified non-hazardous and non-toxic according to SafeWork Australia criteria.

Elynwood can also provide reliable, convenient and discreet feminine hygiene disposal services, on any scale. Our sanitary units are fully equipped with anti-bacterial agents to guarantee odour control, and comply with all workplace safety requirements. Our collection service can be timetabled to meet your specific needs and schedule.


Recycling Programs – Kendall Hall, Melbourne University
Elynwood provides cleaning and catering services at the well-known Kendall Hall at Melbourne University. In rolling out the contract Elynwood site management recognised an opportunity to extend its initiative by designing, developing, and running a composting and recycling program.

School Vegetable Garden - United Group Services
Working with UGL, there was a clear opportunity to make a sustainable impact with waste management and recycling programs. Various composting systems recycled to the onsite vegetable gardens have been a major success with the students and school community groups.

"This has been an excellent program that the team at Elynwood proposed and implemented at no extra cost – simple and effective, just great"
Geoff Patterson – Group Support Officer


Our waste removal staff are highly trained and regularly supervised by a waste manager. Elynwood Pty Ltd has been assessed and registered as complying with the requirements of the Australian Standards AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management systems. Additional standards also include AS 4801(OH&S) & ISO 14001 (Environmental).

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