Elynwood Pty Ltd has of course been assessed and registered as complying with the requirements of the Australian Standards AS/NZ ISO 9001:2008 – Quality management systems. Additional standards also include AS 4801(OH&S) & ISO 14001 (Environmental).

Corporate Vision

At Elynwood, our vision is to deliver an extraordinary service to each of our clients and to be nationally recognised leaders in the provision of facility services through ensuring maximum client satisfaction and business continuity to client facilities.


At Elynwood we strive to operate within a set of core values which guide and direct every aspect of our work and behaviour.

Dependable. We are what we say and we deliver what we promise. Our clients can count on what we say as individuals and as an organisation.

Teamwork. Our staff will be treated as individuals but pull together as a team. Each person can count on enjoying the benefits of a supportive and caring organisation.

Security. We will operate with safety, honesty, and integrity to ensure the longevity of the company and protect our employees’ futures and our clients’ interests.

Integrity. We will live up to our word and fulfil our commitments with honesty and transparency.

Achievement. We will work together, enabling each person to realise their individual goals and to play their part in ensuring the company achieves its targets and ambitions.

Communication. We aim for clear and consist two-way communication which involves everyone and helps us to work together safely as a team and achieve desired outcomes.

Responsibility. We will take accountability for our actions and for ensuring that we understand what is required of us, communicate clearly with others and work towards our agreed targets.

Honesty. We will operate in truth and openness, valuing ourselves and the trust placed in us, taking accountability for our actions and respecting each other’s contribution, good standing, and reputation.

Harmony. We will strive to maintain good relationships with each other and our environment, to keep things in balance and to work together in rhythm to bring about peace of mind for everyone.

Caring. We will consider others above ourselves and do our best to make a difference to other people and the environment around us without waiting to be asked.

Sharing. We will willingly give our knowledge, time, information, and experience to others and allow them to share theirs with us, so we can grow together as individuals and as a company.